Who should the Yankees get?

Now is Major League Baseball’s off-season, a time when teams make trades and sign free agents. It’s a time when fans start wondering what their favorite teams may end up doing. My favorite team is the New York Yankees. (Once upon a time it was the Boston Red Sox’s)

I don’t speculate on what a team should do, especially the Yankees since I’m still annoyed that they traded for Alex Rodriguez.

But I do however wonder the question, Who should the Yankees get?

In my honest opinion, I don’t think the Yankees should get anybody; at least nobody other than maybe a new starting pitcher. I only think that since to me the Yankees were alright last season, they were just hurt by the injuries to their starting pitching corp.

Of course with Derek Jeter retiring, there are probably a few people who would be thinking, are you nuts with Jeter gone there is a hold at Shortstop that needs to be filled. My answer to that would be that I have no idea who the Yankees have at shortstop in their minor league system, maybe they have someone in their system that can easily replace Jeter so they wouldn’t have to worry aboutĀ either trading or sign someone. Or maybe the Yankees can make a deal with Stephen Drew, he’s a shortstop. I mean who knows maybe the Yankees thought of him as a replacement for Jeter when they acquired him from the Red Sox’s last season.

Yes I know that sounds like me speculating on what the Yankees should do this off-season, but that wasn’t my intent.

Anyway all I wonder who should the Yankees get, other then probably a reliable starting pitcher?