First Post Not On Desktop

Like the title says, this is my first post done that hasn’t been written on a desktop computer.

Anyway, yeah I know I haven’t posted anything in a very long while.

Well what’s going on everyone?


Big Bang Recap: Sheldon Cooper’s Fortress of Shame — TVLine

The Big Bang Theory just made the ultimate reveal: Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper is a packrat. Thursday’s episode, “The Solder Excursion Diversion,” found the anal-retentive character’s laptop on the fritz, and Amy willing to do just about anything to keep Sheldon’s mind at ease. Unfortunately for her, gifting him with a new computer opened up a whole…

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Bernie Sanders Spins That ‘Damn Wheel’ During Surprise Colbert Visit — TVLine

Bernie Sanders would like to know more about Stephen Colbert‘s under-the-desk guy. The Democratic presidential hopeful paid the Late Show host an unannounced visit on Thursday as his “Wheel of News” mystery guest. When it finally came time for the Vermont senator to “spin that damn wheel,” he came face-to-face with Brendan, the man below Colbert’s desk controlling…

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Girl Meets World Enlists Family Matters Fave for Arresting Season 3 Guest Spot — TVLine

Carl Winslow is back on the force. (Well, sort of.) Reginald VelJohnson, who played the Family Matters patriarch from 1989 to 1998, will appear in an episode of Girl Meets World‘s upcoming third season, E! Online reports. Though he won’t be acting as his Family Matters character, VelJohnson will once again be playing a cop — a position for…

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Still Here

Yeah I know it’s been a loo oolong time since I’ve posted anything.

Not sure what exactly what to say.

I was thinking about writing about the elections but that is a real hot button issue, and that’s something I really don’the want to get into.

Well I guess that’s it for now, just wanted to let everyone know that I’may still here.

Why are Donald Trump and Ben Carson leading?

The reason Donald Trump and Ben Carson are leading the polls for Republican presidential candidate is simple, they are not politicians and that is what the voters want right now. If you look at all the candidates for President, both Democrat and Republican, there are only three people running for their party’s nomination who have never held office before. Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Florina. surprisingly they are all running for the Republican nomination.

All the other candidates running have all held other offices, wether it be a Governor or United States Senator, they are rehearsed on reading from preplanned speeches and on how to tell voters what they want to hear to get them elected.

The one thing, or at least in my opinion, that attracts the voters to Donald Trump isn’t because of The Apprentice, or that he acts more like he’s an entertainer. It’s because  or the most part, he doesn’t seem to be reading from a written speech. He seems, again at least to me,  like he is actually talking to the people rather than read a speech then take questions and never really get to the point. Trump also seems to be passionate about the issues that most Americans cared about. I mean most of the issues Trump has been talking about have been problems for years and many people wanted things done about, and he is actually talking about doing something about those problems. Unlike a politician who says that they will do something and then it’s like four years later and nothing has been done about it.

I don’t know a lot about Carson but the principal of how he isn’t a politician still applies, and that is why people like him, as well as Trump, and why they are doing so well in the poll.

Thats why I believe the age of the Politician, or at least the politician who reads from a preplanned speech, is over.

I really need…

To get better at up dating this blog. Yeah I know I say that everytime I seem to make a post.

Well while Summer isn’t offically over, it’s starting to wind down. I don’t know why but I don’t really like Summer. I seem to like Fall, Winter, and Spring more then Summer.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Labor Day last week.

Guess that’s it for now.