All Hallows’ Eve

Happy Halloween everyone.

Yep it’s time for all the children to dress up in their costumes and go trick or treating. Well wearing costumes isn’t only for the children, adults to it as well.

One thing I’m amazed at, is that the amount of kids that come to my house for trick and treating seems to get fewer and fewer every year.

When I was a child, back in the mid to late ’90s it seemed like the whole block would be filled with children going trick or treating. Also nearly every house was giving out candy, or popcorn, or pennies. (Yes there were houses back when I was a child that gave out popcorn an pennies) Now a days it seems like very few kids go out and even fewer houses give something out.

I remember this one time back when I was in High School, I’m not exactly sure if it was my Junior or Senior year or if it was a year after I graduated, ¬†anyway that year we were only able to buy one bag of candy before Halloween. My grandmother and sister had to run up to CVS to buy some more candy an by the time they got back we had nearly ran out of candy.

Last year we ended up with nearly all the candy leftover.

I’m only mentioned this since last Friday on The Rachael Ray Show, Rachael Ray had actor Tom Selleck on and both had said that on Halloween that nobody had ever gone to their houses.

So at the time I was thinking ‘well we haven’t been getting may trick or treaters for the past few year’ and then thought about making a blog post about it.

Well I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween. Don’t let the goblins, ghouls, an witches get ya. Ha Ha Ha Ha HA Haaaaaaaaaaaa.