New York State will only go Republican when an Apocalypse happens

The elections are over and the citizens of New York State have re-elected Democrat Andrew Cuomo for Governor. Well that is if you don’t look at the breakdown of voting by counties, then you’d see that the Republicans would have won since 46 of the 62 counties went Republican. Basically it seems that whoever wins the voters of New York City will win the office of governor.

Anyway, there seem to be a lot of people who do not like that do not like that Cuomo was re-elected. Me included but I wasn’t surprised that he won since New York is historically a Democrat state (or Blue state) hence the title of this blog.

So it got me thinking what it would take for a Republican to win the office again, the last Republican Governor for New York was George Pataki who led the state from 1995 to 2006. The short answer to my question was an Apocalypse, yes that’s right I believe the only way I see a Republican winning the seat of New York Governor is if a huge Apocalypse happens.

Since as I said before New York City seems to be the swing place, and New York City voters seem to always vote Democrat, just look at their latest Mayor, then you would have to put a huge scare into them to vote for the opposite party. That is why I believe only an Apocalypse of either financial, natural disaster, or biblical would have to happen in order for the Republicans to win.

One reason for my thinking is, other then everyone seeming to dislike the Democrats because of President Obama, is that the last two Democratic Governors had less than stellar terms in office. Eliot Spitzer resigned after half a term because of a prostitution scandal, then his Lieutenant Governor David Paterson had to contend with a power struggle between Democrats and Republicans in the State legislature, then he had problems over nominating a Lieutenant Governor and then a small scandal over Yankees tickets. His term too was half a term. However in Mr. Paterson’s defense, I have the feeling that Democrats didn’t really like him and only saw him as a placeholder either until Cuomo was ready to run or someone else who had the political muscle in the Democratic party was ready to run. (This is probably the only time I’d come to the defense of a Democrat.)

So if that wasn’t enough to scare people away from voting Cuomo into office the first time, then why would a seemingly whole country turn away from the Democratic party change New York voters mind. That is why I believe only a Apocalypse would change the voters minds.

Now I know I that I’m probably being over dramatic but being that I’m a registered Republican (Did I forget to mention that earlier?) that is honestly the only way I see the New York Governorship turning red, or even either of the two Senate seats.