First Post of the New Year

All right, this is going to be the first post of 2015.

So I know I’ve been really MIA for all of the end of 2014 and for the most part of the New Year, but that’s because I really didn’t have the time. I’ve been really busy, especially the two weeks preceding Christmas as well as the last two weeks. Besides I think I went a little big with posting almost every day before my hopefully brief hiatius.

That though was one of my concerns when I made my blog as well as one reason why I really wanted to start it. Usually when I start doing something I follow through with it for a while, if varies depending on what it is, and then take a break and then never seem to really complete whatever it was that I was doing. I was hoping that wouldn’t have been the case with my blog but as you can see, even though I did have a ligitimate excuse as to why I have been away, I still followed my pattern.

Hopefully going foward I will be able to find the time to update a little more regularly.

Anyway, it’s a New Year. I really can’t believe it, the years seem to be going by quicker and quicker with each passing one. So far everything has been alright, or at least I have had nothing to really complain about. Well, nothing that would cause me to take to my blog to complain, though I’m sure there will be something at somepoint. I mean nothing can stay the same for long right?

I’m sure thing will suprise alot of people, but my family just took down our Christmas tree. That’s right we had our christmas tree up nearly a month after Christmas. Most people probably took their tree down the day after New Years Day. That just goes to show you just how busy we’ve been.

Well I guess that’s all for now. I hope all your families had a happy holiday’s.