Wow. Has it really been Three Months?

Wow. I really can’t believe it’s been three months since my last post.

One reason it’s been that long is because I’m not sure what to talk about. Sure there are alot of things to talk about. From Politics to Sports to….. The weather.

Buts each topic has the chance to bring up a nasty fight.

Like if I talk about at some point you will have to talk about President Trump. And that will bring problems. If you say something negative about him then his supporters will attack him while getting praise from his detractors while if you say something positive about him you will get attacked by his detractors while getting praise from his supporters.

So much for freedom of speech. You know everyone is so worried about whether our Constitution is being followed and yet when anyone seems to use their First Amendment right to Free Speech, people get yelled at.

Anyway we can talk about sports. Well probably depending on what sport.

Nascar has made quite a few changes starting this season. The changes quite a few things that it might be too much to list right now.

Besides the changes, Nascar got a new title sponsor for the Cup Series. Instead of being all the Nascar Sprint Cup Series, Nascar’s top series is now called Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series.

Thats right the new title sponsor is an Energy Drink.

Well anyway the season hasn’t even started yet, well the points season hasn’t started yet since this past weekend was ‘The Clash’ the renamed Budwiser Shootout which is considered the official start of the Nascar season,  and there has been some controversy.

As I said this past weekend was the ‘The Clash’ Known this season as the Advance Auto Parts Clash. And with that Monster Energy unveiled their Victory Lane people. I’m not sure if you call them models or spokesperson or what.

Anyway Sprint used “Miss Sprint Cup” who wore firesuits with the Sprint logo on it. The Monster Energy woman DO NOT wear fire suits. Instead of a firesuit they wear what some have called revealing clothing. I’ll post a link and you can tell me what you think. Is it appropriate for what has become a family sport over the years or is it inappropriate?

The Monster Energy Girls.

Well that’s it for now. TTFN, That’s all For Now.





Correction to ‘2015 to be Jeff Gordon’s last full season of Nascar Sprint Cup racing’

Alright I normally try not to make mistakes when I write, however sometime I do make a mistake or two. And I ust noticed that I made a mistake. I believe this to be the second mistake I’ve made since I started this blog.

Anyway, in my post about 2015 being Jeff Gordon’s last full season of Nascar Sprint Cup racing i had said that at the time his possible replacement would be 2013 Nascar Xfinity Series champion Chase Elliott.

The mistake is that Chase Elliott was in fact the 2014 Xfinity Series Champion (Formerly Nationwide Series) not 2013.  The 2013 Xfinity Series Champion was Richard Childress Racing’s Austin Dillon.

Also since my original post on this matter it has since been announced that Chase Elliott will indeed replace Jeff Gordon in Hendrick Motorsports fourth car. It has also been announced that the car will retain the number 24 instead of being renumbered at the insistance of Jeff Gordon himself.

There was talk that fans were hoping that Hendrick Motorsports would stop using the number 24 and that it would be retired. However the latter seems unlikley since NASCAR owns the numbers and leases them to the team, and NASCAR in the past has said that they will not retire numbers when Hall of Famer Richard Petty tried to self retire his famed number 43 when he finally climbed out of the drivers seat after the 1992 Nascar Sprint Cup (Formerly Winston Series) season; and when fans had wanted the number 3 retired after the death of legend and Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Sr was killed during the 2001 Daytona 500.

2015 to be Jeff Gordon’s last full season of Nascar Sprint Cup racing

Since he won’t use the r-word (Retire) then I won’t either. I mean it’s only right.

Well I’m surprised but at the same time I’m not surprised. I mean I knew this day would one day come, though I didn’t expect it to come this season. That’s probably the problem when someone has a lifetime contract, people just assume that the person will be around for many more years.

Now I’m not really a Jeff Gordon fan, though that doesn’t mean I didn’t have respect for him. I mean it is hard to not have respect for a guy who is a four-time champion, although he hasn’t won under the current title sponsor. As Gordon’s fellow driver Kenny Wallace said on twitter earlier this month, it’s still the Cup series no matter who the title sponsor is Gordon is still a Nascar Sprint Cup Champion. Which of course I agree with.

Gordon, like most Athletes who decide to leave their sport, wants to go out while they are still competitive. Which is very understandable. Had he not have said how he had decided and told his team owner Rick Hendrick that he planed on this season being his last full season in the middle of the 2014 season, I would have wondered how much the change Nascar made to the Chase for the Sprint Cup had factored into his decision.

Jeff has said though that he isn’t going to be leaving the sport however, which is one reason why he said he won’t use the word retirement. Which is good because Nascar without Jeff Gordon in any capacity just wouldn’t be Nascar. Or at least to me.

So far Jeff Gordon said that he doesn’t have anything set up for racing in any other series, but he said that he hasn’t ruled it out. For now he seems content with probably working behind the scenes at Hendrick Motorsports, where he has an equity stake in his number 24 Chevrolet SS and is listed owner of Jimmie Johnson’s number 48 Lowe’s/Kobalt Tools Chevrolet SS.

But Gordon said he hasn’t ruled out racing in the Nascar Xfinity Series (formerly Nascar Nationwide Series), Nascar Camping World Truck Series, United Sports Car Racing, or any other forum of series.

It will be weird however to watch Gordon competing in one of Nascar’s lower series if and when he chooses to. Of course it will probably be part-time, but it would still be weird.

No word has been said as to who would replace Gordon in Hendrick Motorsports fourth car, but speculation is that it would be Hendrick Development driver and current JR Motorsports driver as well as 2013 Nascar Xfinity Series champion Chase Elliott. Elliott, the son of Nascar Hall of Famer and 1988 Nascar Sprint Cup Champion Bill Elliott, is scheduled to drive in a couple of Nascar Sprint Cup races this season in a fifth R&D car for Hendrick Motorsports, which is why most people think he will replace Gordon next year.


A Retraction to my post ‘When did winning become so important….and what makes a Champion?’

As the title states, this is a retraction to my earlier post ‘When did winning become so important….and what makes a Champion?’.

In the post I stated how the Chase for the Sprint Cup was created in part because the 2003 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion had won the championship without winning a race. That turns out to be false. The 2003 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, Roush Racing’s Matt Kenseth, had won one race that year.

Apparently, contrary to what I had been lead to believe, there has never been a NASCAR Sprint Cup champion (Either in the Grand National Division Era, Winston Cup Era, or Nextel Cup Era) that has won the championship but never won a race.