Keep those in Nepal in your thoughts

Yesterday I made a post where I mentioned the recent earthquakes in the country of Nepal, well it occurred to me a little later that I had forgotten to say to keep those in Nepal effected by the earthquakes in your thoughts and prayers, like I had for the victims of the Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia.

So please keep all the victims and everyone elses effected by the  earthquakes in Nepal in your thoughts and Prayers.

Also breaking overnight was that they finally found the missing Marine UH-1 Huey that went missing while delivering aid to a village in Nepal that was effected by the earthquakes. The news doesn’t seem to be good, it is believed that all on board the helicopter (six United States Marines, and two Nepalese soldiers) have been killed. Though there have been no official word from the Department of Defense yet. So also keep the families of those 8 service members in your thoughts and prayers.

Also please keep the family of blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist B.B King who passed away yesterday (May 14th @ 9:40 PM) at the age of 89.