What Makes a Tradition?

Alright, just for reference this topic should have been posted last month, but like I said I had been so busy that I had forgotten all about it until today.

Anyway so last month my sister was talking about having a train running under our Christmas tree and said it was our tradition, the only thing is that we haven’t had a train under our Christmas tree for nearly ten years, so it got me wondering what makes something a tradition.

Is a tradition something you have to do every year or is it something that you can do every other year or even every decade.

In my family we don’t have many traditions or such, or at least not anything that has survived over many years. The only thing I think comes close is a few years ago when we ordered pizza on Halloween night. Or when me and my sisters were younger and almost every Friday night was pizza night.

But now a days, we don’t seem to do things like that. So I guess it feels like my family has no traditions.

Which is again why I’m wondering what makes a tradition.



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