Little Known Fact about Me

Like I said in my first post, I’m the quiet person. So I don’t broadcast that much about myself, even to those closest to me. Well that’s not exactly true, the teddy bear I had as a child knows a lot about me LOL.

But yeah, not a lot of people know some stuff about me. Though I promise none of the stuff I’ve kept private is bad.

Okay well the little know fact probably isn’t anything exciting, some of you will probably think ‘Oh, that’s nothing.’

Anyway, a few years ago I became an ordained online minister.  I bet a few of you are thinking ‘Okay so what?’ and how those probably aren’t even real.

Now I’m not going to all of a sudden get all religious on you or anybody else. Everybody has their own views on religion, and I’m not going to try to change that.

My beliefs, for anyone who is wondering, is that there is a heaven and hell. I’m not convinced that there is a god but I leave open the room to be someday proven wrong. If that is possible. Also I’m baptized Episcopalian, my father’s church, but I myself haven’t been to church since I was a little kid. (Sunday School age as far as I recall)

I wasn’t dared to become an ordained online minister or was made to do it, I did it just for doing it.

Well there is one little know fact about me.

Oh and here is a copy of my ordination credential.



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